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Why you should upgrade your Fascia & Soffit

Reasons why you should upgrade your Fascia & Soffit

Your roofline is one of the most important aspects of your home, and it’s essential you keep it well maintained throughout the years. Many often overlook the Fascia and Soffit of their roofline, but these are crucial to the structure of any home and upgrading these ensures your house is protected against weathering and any other costly repairs.

We’ve outlined our top 5 reasons below as to why you should consider upgrading your Fascia and Soffit.

1. Roofline Protection:

Upgrading your Fascia and Soffit means optimal protection for your roofline is in place as both these roofing elements act as a barrier between your roof and the harsh weather elements we often face. Fascias are typically used for weatherproofing your home and therefore can help protect it from wind, rain and snow damage. Soffits, on the other hand, cover parts of the roof that may be exposed and therefore prevents any wildlife such as birds from nesting. If you notice any signs of wildlife in your home, it’s definitely a good idea to upgrade your Fascia and Soffit.

2. Energy Efficiency:

Damage to your Fascia and Soffit can result in draughts coming into your home. Although you may not notice this during the warmer summer months, you may be more aware during the cooler winter periods as more heat will be required to keep your home warmer for longer. Upgrading your Fascia and Soffit in your roofline can prevent these draughts and leaks meaning your home becomes increasingly energy efficient and therefore can help keep those rising energy bills a little lower.

3. Seasonal Preparation:

If you want optimal protection for your roofline as we head into the autumn / winter months now is the perfect time to upgrade your Fascia and Soffit. During the autumn and winter months, we usually see an increase in rainfall. Upgrading your Fascia and Soffit means rainfall can drain appropriately through your gutters and water damage can be avoided. Replacing your Fascia and Soffit can also give you an extra level of reassurance that your home is adequately protected during these wetter months.

4. Prevent Gutters from Leaking:

Fascia and Soffit can help keep your gutters around your roof aligned and levelled and this can help ensure water is draining adequately from your roofline and water damage is avoided. If you notice leaking from your gutters, it’s a good idea to upgrade your Fascia and Soffit as this could lead to mould and mildew resulting in damage to your home’s brickwork and overall foundations creating many other costly problems.

5. Aesthetic Appeal:

Not only does your Fascia and Soffit protect your roofline, but they also add a little style and refinement helping keep your home looking sleek and polished. This is especially important if you wish to sell your home as these upgraded touches to your roofline can help increase the overall value of your home.

If you would like more information on upgrading your Fascia and Soffit, the benefits this can offer your roofline or any information on our Fascia and Soffit products, please feel free to contact us.

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