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What are Fascia Boards and Why Do I Need Them?

When it comes to your home, there seems to be an endless amount of elements you must consider, and fascia boards are one of the more important ones!

The Role of Fascia Boards

Fascia boards are long, thin boards which are fixed to the lower ends of roof trusses, helping to close the opening between each rafter while supporting the last row of slates and helping to keep guttering secure.

Fascia Boards vs. Soffit Boards

Often you’ll come across the term soffit when referring to fascia boards, but it’s important to remember their differences. Soffit boards are flat panels fixed underneath fascia boards, which also cover roof trusses but provide more of an aesthetic appeal as well as many other functions and benefits.

The Benefits of Fascia Boards

Ensuring your roofline is well maintained is essential to the structural integrity of your home, and fascia boards have a major role in supporting this. We will outline some of the benefits fascia boards have below and highlight the reasons you should consider investing in them.

1. Reducing Levels of Moisture

One of the main reasons every home requires fascia boards is to prevent moisture from entering into your roofline. If this occurs and is left untreated, a buildup of moisture can lead to rot and decay resulting in serious and often expensive damage. For optimal roofline protection, installing fascia as well as soffit boards can help ensure your home is adequately protected.

2. Roofline Support and Protection

Fascia boards have a strong load-bearing capability and are therefore essential for supporting the bottom row of tiles on your roof. To ensure your roofline is properly supported, it’s important you maintain your fascia boards, and if you notice any damage or weaknesses, they must be repaired swiftly.

3. Supporting Gutters

Fascia boards support the structure of your gutter system and help to direct rainwater away from your home. It’s essential your gutter system is structurally sound, as during periods of heavy rainfall, gutters can be put under severe pressure in terms of weight trying to divert this water away from your premises.

4. Enhancing the Home’s Appearance

Fascia boards help to create a neat and tidy finish to your home’s exterior. Combined with soffit boards, they are perfect for adding a little refinement and style, aiding the aesthetic appeal of your home.

5. Pest Prevention

Fascia boards help to cover the exposed edge of your roofline, acting as a barrier to pests and rodents entering into your premises.

6. Weathering Protection

Investing in fascia boards means you are covering the exposed edges of your roofline, reducing the risk of damage caused by outside elements. For optimal roofline protection, installing soffit as well as fascia boards will help create a strong defense barrier for your roof.

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Fascia boards are often referred to as the backbone of your roofline, so if you would like more information on these and maybe some extra details on soffit boards and the reasons every home should invest in them, please feel free to contact us.

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