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uPVC Fascia Suppliers Northern Ireland

‘The Finishing Touches’

When it comes to your home’s exterior you’ll want a roofing system that is both effective and looks the part. Fascias are a vital part of this, not only do they add visual appeal but they’re also practical in prolonging the lifespan of your roof.

At Advanced Roofline we’re uPVC fascia suppliers and we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of fascia boards and roofline products. Not only do we host a selection of coloured and wood effect fascia boards, but our uPVC skin provides superior weathering ability -allowing us to offer our customers a unique manufacturer’s guarantee.

What Exactly Are Fascia Boards?

As fascia suppliers we can tell you that fascia boards are an essential part of any roofing system, they’re one of the final touches that help tie everything together.

To be exact, the fascia board or ‘roofline’ is the long straight board which runs along the lower edge of your roof. It’s fitted directly along the rafter ends and it closes the gap between each one. This roofline product is responsible for supporting the lower edge of the bottom row of tiles and carries all the guttering.

As well as support, Fascia’s dry verge system will cover yours fittings ensuring that they are kept waterproof and well protected.

Our fascias will always offer robust, low maintenance and weather resistant support to your home.

Upgrade Your Roofline

Our home’s exterior faces the brunt of the elements and over time areas such as your fascia, can often become deteriorated losing both its strength and appearance. When this happens you can choose to either cap over your fascia boards or opt for a full replacement. As uPVC fascia suppliers we advise opting for a full replacement, and here’s why…

Simply capping over fascias can be an effective short-term solution, but this often leads to more serious problems down the line. It’s likely that old wood could be rotting or if your home was built before 1999, it may contain some level of asbestos – a common problem during this time.

Replacing your fascia boards completely eliminates this risk, removing any existing problems and virtually beginning with a new product and slate. Although this option is pricier, you’ll want to think of it as a long term solution and investment. It’s important to also note, that most guarantees do not cover existing sub-structure, so fascia replacement proves much more cost effective.

Why Choose Advanced Roofline?

Fascia suppliers, Advanced Roofline offer a great unique variety of uPVC fascia boards, available in a wide range of colours to blend into the style of your home. Our wood grain range comes in all classic wood forms including mahogany, black ash and light oak.

Featured uPVC skin is also calcium zinc stabilised to ensure superior weather ability and UV ray resistant. A uPVC description is used to let you know our products are of the best quality. With PVC fascias that are unplasticised, expandable and highly durable.

At Advanced Roofline, we’re one of the leading providers and installers of roofline products in Northern Ireland. We work with leading manufacturers to provide you, the customer with unparalleled services, advice and support.

For more information on fascia replacement and services, feel free to contact us.

uPVC Fascia Suppliers Northern Ireland

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