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Understanding Roofline and Why it Matters 

Your Roofline Is Important

Most of us won’t spend too much time thinking about our roof.  But, if your roofline isn’t doing its job or you need an upgrade, it’s good to know a little.

Your roofline is the board that runs along the edge of your roofing and the top wall of your home. It’s made up of four elements, which are the fascia, soffit, bargeboards and guttering.  Each part is designed to do a slightly different job but they’re all important in protecting your home from tough weather.

Together, your fascia, soffit and guttering act as a barrier between your roof and the elements. They make sure your home remains weatherproof and properly functioning without wear and tear. If your roofline is old or becomes damaged, your home may begin to let in water and start to rot.

At Advanced Roofline we’ve been upgrading roofs for over 20 years. We specialise in high quality and low maintenance guttering, fascia, soffit, downpipe and cladding systems. Offering you a huge range of uPVC products in a wide selection of colours and wood effect boards – so you can finish your home the right way.

Fascia Boards

Fascia boards are an essential part of any roofing system, they’re one of the final touches that help tie everything together.  Fascia is the long straight board which runs along the lower edge of your roof trim. It’s fitted directly along the rafter ends and it closes the gap between each one. This roofline product is responsible for supporting the lower edge of the bottom row of tiles and carries all the guttering.

As well as support, fascia’s dry verge system will cover yours fittings ensuring that they are kept waterproof and well protected.

At Advanced Roofline our fascias offer robust, low maintenance and weather resistant support to your home.


Not all properties have soffit as part of their roofline, but if you do, it’s easy to spot. Soffit boards are an additional cover that sits along the edge of the roof. It’s tucked away under the fascia and protects the rafter by sealing it in.

The easy to install product can be ventilated to allow for air flow on the roof or ventilation can also be provided over the top of the fascia. Adequate ventilation means that these materials will be less likely to weather or decay over time.

It used to be that soffit was made from easy-rotting materials like wood and timber. Now they come constructed in aluminium and uPVC versions, which are not only durable but often come with a manufacturer’s guarantee.


Bargeboards are another type of fascia. To be exact, they’re the fascia which is located at the gable end or side of a roof. Just like standard fascia boards, bargeboards are used to protect the timber rooflines.

As they are attached to the gable, this part of the roofline can have a large visual impact on your home and can greatly improve its appearance.  Upgrade your roofline with us and we can match in a range of colours and uPVC wood effect boards, to suit your home.


The guttering of your home plays an important role in draining rainwater from the roof of your property. It runs along the roof trim and is often connected to a downpipe that lead water into the drain.

At Advanced Roofline we specialise in seamless aluminium guttering. This system is best known for its durability with the pleasant advantage of a soft and aesthetically pleasing exterior. With no joints or fasteners, seamless guttering minimising leakages and extends its life expectancy by eliminating the need for repairs.

Understanding Roofline and Why it Matters