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Understanding Fascia, Soffits and Guttering


The fascia, soffit, and guttering elements of your roof are essential for protecting your home while also adding to its aesthetic appeal.

Fascia Boards

Fascia boards are long, thin boards which are fixed to the lower ends of roof trusses and cover the edges of your roof.


Soffits, on the other hand, are flat panels fixed underneath fascia boards which also cover roof trusses but provide more of an aesthetic appeal.


Guttering is then responsible for water management and helps to divert rainwater away from your home.

At Advanced Roofline, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of uPVC guttering, fascia, and soffit boards. In our opinion, uPVC, compared to other materials such as wood or metal, is the best choice due to the various benefits this material can offer.

Benefits of uPVC:

Material and Colour Selection

We offer an array of uPVC options for your guttering, fascia, and soffit boards. Our uPVC offering has something for everyone, meaning your fascia, soffit, and guttering can reflect your home’s unique style.

Durability and Maintenance

uPVC is a strong and highly durable material that can withstand harsh conditions such as rain, wind, hail, or snow. It is also a low maintenance product, requiring only occasional cleaning with a wet cloth to keep it looking its best.

Easy Installation

Our uPVC gutters, fascia, and soffit boards can be installed quickly and efficiently by our professionals at Advanced Roofline.

Fascia, soffit, and guttering are often forgotten when it comes to home maintenance, but they are imperative for safeguarding the structural integrity of your property. Offering both optimal protection and aesthetic appeal, uPVC provides a range of benefits including high durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal, to name just a few.

To discuss our wide range of uPVC options for guttering, fascia, and soffit boards, get in contact with us today using the below contact details:


Fasica & Sofit

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