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The top 5 benefits of Patio Doors

As leading patio door suppliers in NI, we’re often asked about the benefits of adding patio doors to a property. These are our top five benefits of patio doors in the home.

Improve your indoor space

If you love your garden, having patio doors installed gives you full floor-to-ceiling views of your outdoor space, 365 days a year. Patio doors not only bring the outside inside, they bring natural light in too! Replacing a wall with high quality patio doors allows you to flood your indoor space with natural sunlight and fresh air. This not only makes your interior look and feel better, but natural daylight is important for boosting our mood and getting a natural dose of vitamin D. 

Lower your energy bills

Indoor living is improved by installing patio doors because they are multi-purpose. As well as providing effective insulation with double glazing – reducing the need for heating – they can improve ventilation, so less need for air conditioning or artificial ventilation thereby lowering energy bills.

Design choice

Modern patio doors offer a huge variety of choice. You can have sliding doors, bi folding doors, or the traditional French doors, all available in a range of colours, sizes and finishes to complement your home – or stand out as a feature. 

Improve accessibility

Most patio doors are available with low profile thresholds, making them easier to navigate for those with mobility issues. You can choose opening doors or sliding patio doors, which allows you to choose patio doors you can open and close easily. 

Add value to your property

A house with patio doors will be more energy efficient, helping to boost its value due to good energy efficiency ratings. The increased light, beautiful views and flexibility of use will all add aesthetic appeal, making it more attractive to potential buyers. 

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