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The Benefits of uPVC Soffits and Fascias

Protect Your Roofline

Your roofline plays an important role in safeguarding your home. It protects it from the harsh elements that we often experience here in Ireland and the UK. So it makes sense to always ensure your roofline is in good condition, especially in the colder months.

UPVC soffits and fascias are crucial elements to your roofline. They help to collect rainwater and prevent moisture from getting into the roof and walls of your property.  Without these, your home may be susceptible to leaking which can cause damage to your brickwork and lead to rotting.

If your soffits and fascias are old or need replaced then your home could also be at risk.  Warped or damaged roofline can result in similar damage as well as leaving your home open to entry from pesky critters.

Soffits and Fascia Explained

At Advanced Roofline we’re top sellers for uPVC soffits and fascias Northern Ireland. Our products are made from high quality, durable uPVC and we have a whole range of style options.  Here’s what they can do:

UPVC fascia board is the prolonged straight board that sits on the lower edge of your roof. It is attached to the bottom end of the trusses and plays an important role in supporting your guttering.

Underneath your fascia is where you’ll find the soffit board. UPVC soffits allows for the ventilation of airflow into your roof.  Adequate ventilation of your roofline will protect your home by preventing damage and decay.

What are the Benefits?

Roofs are an important part of any building and uPVC soffits and fascia act as a protective layer towards it. Think of them as your first line of defence.  If you’re building or moving into a new property it’s worth investing in your roofline. And if you have lived in your home for a number of years you may need an upgrade.

Here are some uPVC soffit and fascia benefits…

Maintenance Free

UPVC soffits and fascias are more or less maintenance free, and once installed they provide protection to your home immediately. You may need to give your soffit and fascia a clean every once in a while if there’s been heavy rain. But unlike traditional materials uPVC plastic won’t need treated or repainted.


UPVC options work out excellent value for money. They’re cost effective and last much longer than wood fixtures. Upgraded fascia and soffit could also save you money and prove energy efficient. They’ll act as a protection against the elements, keeping the cold out and your heating bills low.

Extremely Durable

One of the reasons uPVC is so popular is that it’s extremely durable. UPVC soffits and fascia are known to last ten plus years and at Advanced Roofline we can offer you our unique manufacturer’s guarantee.

UPVC’s strength will also ensure that your roofline is well protected, keeping away rainwater, damp and any deterioration.

Aesthetically Pleasing

If your guttering system is old or damaged it can really affect the overall appearance of your home – especially if there’s water damage.  Upgrading your roofline can work wonders in improving your overall aesthetic and modernising your property.

At Advanced Roofline we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of uPVC soffit and  fascia boards in a host of all colours and sizes. Our wood grain ranges includes all classic wood styles including mahogany, black ash and light oak. Whatever the style, we can provide you with uPVC soffit and fascia that will blend in beautifully to your home.

Leading Providers of UPVC Soffit and Fascia, Northern Ireland

At Advanced Roofline, we’re one of the leading providers and installers of roofline products in Northern Ireland. We work with leading manufacturers to provide you, the customer with unparalleled services, advice and support.

For more information on fascia or soffit replacement and services, feel free to contact us.

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