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The Advantages of Panel Doors

‘The Gateway to Your Home’ 

 Choosing the right door for your home is an important decision, after all you want the entrance of your home to look and feel just right. Panel doors are one way to create a stunning gateway to your home as they come in a vast range of styles and decorative finishes.  

For panel doors Northern Ireland, we’re the experts. Our exclusive range of panelled doors is designed for enhanced security, weather performance, energy efficiency and overall aesthetics. At Advanced Roofline we’ve a panel door to compliment each and every home. 

The Advantages of Panel Doors

  • Panel doors are extremely durable and this is why they make a great exterior door. Their material can withstand and hold up with everyday use and it’s very unlikely they will break or crack. 
  • As well as being easy to install panel doors require little to no maintenance. When installed they can be finished with paint or polish as required and after this, they tend to be weatherproof. 
  • Panel doors are elegant, naturally pleasing and come in a wide range of options. They can be easily made to shape or to any design as architectural requirement. 
  • At Advanced Roofline all of our panel doors are energy efficient and eco-friendly, not to mention they provide added privacy as they’re sound proof. 

Panel Doors from Advanced Roofline 

High Energy Performance

All panels and glazing units in our panel door NI collection offer excellent energy efficiency properties; helping to eliminate heat loss from the home and saving you money on heating bills. The core materials of the door panel are bonded and moulded together using advanced technologies, to achieve the highest levels of thermal efficiency and weather performance. Multi-chambers within the door frame further increases the energy performance of the door by acting as a barrier against heat loss.


At Advanced Roofline, manufacturing techniques ensures that all our panel doors are mechanically strong, secure and durable. Constructed from PVCu outer-skins, rigid Styrofoam and layers of solid MDF, panels are offer excellent levels of strength, durability and impact-resistance.

Only the toughest materials are used to form our panel door, ensuring that your door will retain its shape and form, will not rot or warp, and will require only the minimal amount of maintenance. In addition, high performance, multi-point locking systems are fitted as standard to all doors installed, ensuring the highest levels of safety and security for your home. 

A Range of Styles and Colours

Every one of our panel doors is tailor-made to a customer’s exact size and specification requirements. Fully sculptured for enhanced visual appeal you can choose from over full and half panel designs, in everything from traditional cottage or classic to contemporary and modern styles.

All of our doors are available in high gloss white, a range of 8 standard, grain-effect finishes or spray painted to any RAL colour. All doors can be further personalised with your choice of decorative glass too.

Double or Triple Glazed

Our panel doors are available with either energy efficient 24mm double or 36mm triple glazed units, in a broad range of decorative glass options. Each decorative glass unit is handcrafted in our in-house glass studio and includes bevel, lead, resin and sandblast designs. In addition to clear glass, we also offer a range of textured a d obscure glass options which are designed to enhance the privacy and security of your home.

For optimum security, all outdoor glazing units use toughened glass – which is 4-5 times more difficult to break than standard glass – on both the outside and inside panes of the glazing unit.

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