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Roofline Specialists Northern Ireland 

Roofline Specialists Northern Ireland

At Advanced Roofline we’re the quality roofline specialists for Northern Ireland. We specialise in guttering, fascia and soffit, downpipe and cladding systems. As well as providing expertise and advice anywhere in Northern Ireland.

Advanced Roofline is a family run business based in Mid-Ulster, we take pride in our reputation and in serving the local community. As top roofline specialists Northern Ireland we have a proven record of getting the job done properly.

At Advanced Roofline we have a dedication to our customers – Which is why we provide only the highest quality materials, experienced quality specialists and unparallel service and support.

Here’s What We Can Do…

Latest in Guttering Technology

As part of our wide selection of roofline products we specialise in seamless aluminium gutters.  This advanced guttering system is best known for its durability and pleasing appearance. With no joints or fasteners, seamless guttering minimises leakages and extends its life expectancy by eliminating the need for repairs.

At Advanced Roofline NI we offer an extensive range of colours in the options; marble white, royal brown, rich ivory anthracite black, charcoal grey and forest green. We can also now offer Grey Seamless guttering in both 7016 and 7037 ral numbers.

uPVC Fascia and Soffit

In order to protect the inside of your home, your roofline needs to be strong, reliable and updated. Fascia and soffits boards play a very important role in this.

Fascia boards are an essential part of any roofing system and just like soffit, they help tie everything together. 

It’s the long straight board which runs along the lower edge of your roof to support the guttering and bottom row of tiles. Soffit is an additional cover which you’ll find under the fascia, protecting the rafters.

Fascia and soffits do much more than provide an appealing finish. They work together to protect the inside of your home and prolong your roof’s lifespan. Contact our roofline specialists today for more information on our long lasting, uPVC fascia and soffit boards.

Downpipe Guttering

New and properly installed downpipe guttering can make a big difference to your property.  Choosing the right shape and size will ensure efficient drainage and also prevent damage to your home. As top roofline specialists Northern Ireland, we offer a wide selection of downpipe guttering.

Square Guttering – This is the ideal choice for a contemporary finish to your home. Its wide square shape will also increase the capacity of rainwater it can hold.

Half Round– Half round gutters are slighter lower in capacity however still prove very popular due to their long-lasting properties.

Ogee Guttering– Ogee gutter allows for a higher flow rate as well as a more decorative finish, it’s suitable for all types of homes.

Deep Guttering– This is the best option for larger-sized homes that will need to drain larger sized capacities of water.

Specialist Cladding Systems 

Roofline specialists Advanced Roofline offer a range of specialist cladding systems. This is a colourful and versatile weatherboard that offers the texture and natural beauty of timber. Whilst at the same time delivering maintenance free durability and value for money.

Buildings and homes that incorporate cladding are less resistant to cracks caused by temperature change, water absorption and sunlight.  We can supply and fit Deeplas co-extruded PVC-UE cladding on buildings to improve overall appearance and functionality. Shiplap cladding can be applied to timber stud walls and brick/block masonry walls.

In 100mm and 150mm profiles these low maintenance cladding profiles are available in wide range of colours, including white, oak, mahogany, rosewood and black ash.

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