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Roofline replacement benefits

Roofline replacement is one of the most cost effective and visually dramatic methods of home improvement. Your roofline is a crucial part of keeping your property safe, dry, warm, and protected from the weather. 

So what is a roofline and how does it protect your home?

The word roofline refers to four key elements that combine to make up your property’s roof. These are fascias, soffits, bargeboards and guttering. The fascias line the edge of the roof timbers. They protect the ends of your roof rafters from rot or damp, and provide a surface upon which to attach guttering. 

Soffits are the underside to fascias, effectively sealing in the roof space and providing another layer of protection for your roofline. Bargeboards are simply the fascia boards which line the diagonal eaves of the house. 

Guttering provides the means for catching and draining rainwater away from your property. Gutters line the roofline, feeding water into a downpipe where it can be collected in a water butt, or run down the drain. 

So now you know the role played by fascias, soffits and guttering. Here we have a run down of the main benefits of roofline improvements and roofline replacement.

Protects your home against more than the weather

As we’ve explored already, the fascias, soffits, bargeboards and guttering combine to effectively protect your home against the harsher forms of weather we get in this country. 

Quality uPVC products are unrivalled in their ability to keep your home watertight and guarded against the elements. They can also protect your property from invasions of rodents, nesting birds, and other home pests such as bees or wasps. 

Style and design options

As well as being a durable and robust material, uPVC roofline products are available in a wide range of colours and styles. Even if you have a traditional or a period property, uPVC guttering soffits and fascias will all look great.

Easy to maintain

uPVC roofline products are virtually maintenance free. Unlike timber fascias and soffits, you won’t have to paint your roofline every year and check it for cracks and splits. Unlike wood, uPVC rooflines require minimal maintenance and will not be damaged by the changing weather and seasons. Even in the harshest wind and rain, uPVC roofline fascias, soffits, guttering and barge boards won’t crack or rot like timber can.

Energy efficiency

Without the cracks and damage wood can sustain, a uPVC roofline will not be susceptible to leaks and draughts, keeping your home insulated and watertight year-round.

Cost effective

The durability of uPVC means it will not lose its shape or colour over time and look tired or worn out. It will last for far longer than the wood equivalents, making it a more cost effective option. It also removes the need for costly annual maintenance, such as painting or staining, which may require a professional. 

Roofline replacement benefits

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