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Signs Your Roof Needs Replaced

Signs Your Roof Needs Replaced

It’s often difficult to know when you may be in need of a roof replacement because a routine roof check is not a task typically at the top of our to-do lists. It is, however, an essential job and one that should be carried out once every six months to make sure any repairs are made, and costly long-term damage is avoided.

We’ve outlined some warning signs to look out for if you need a roof replacement and if you have noticed any damage to your roof, please reach out to one of our roofing contractors and we’ll make any necessary repairs.

1. Water damage:

Signs of water damage inside your home could be an indication that you’re in need of a roof replacement. Although watermarks, damp patches, or mildew can be a sign of a leaking window or damp, it’s important to check your roof both inside and out to ensure all possibilities are covered. If you see any signs of water in your attic, spot water pooling on your roof or notice water not draining appropriately you may have a problem and roofing contractors should be contacted to ensure no further damage is caused.

2. Sunlight coming through the roof:

It’s useful to make it routine to check for light coming in through your roof from outside. If you can see sunlight in your attic, this may be a sign there are holes and cracks in your roof and these should be attended to as soon as possible. It’s important to check your roof to see if this damage can be repaired or if an entire roof replacement is needed. If you’re unsure, contact roofing contractors such as Advanced Roofline and we can advise on the level of repair required.

3. Mould and moss growth:

Mould, moss, and algae are not immediate signs that a roof replacement is needed; however, it’s still important to look out for this as it can be a sign of moisture damage which can lead to rot developing. You should remove any signs of mould and moss as soon as possible because if left untreated this can force tiles apart, creating gapping and allowing water to get in.

4. Slipped tiles or sagging roof:

If you notice any roof tiles are worn, slipped, missing, or cracked, this could be a sign you’re in need of a roof replacement and you should act quickly as a weak roof can cave causing even greater damage. While checking your roof tiles, you should also pay attention to the ridge of your roof. Your roof ridge should follow a straight line and if you notice any sagging in the middle, this is cause for concern as it can be a sign of a weakened and compromised structure and therefore a roof replacement will be required to avoid collapse.

5. Signs of aging:

Overtime weathering and the surrounding elements can impact the longevity of your roof, so it’s important to keep an eye on it as it will not last forever. If your roof is over 20 years old, it’s recommended that roofing contractors review it and see if a roof replacement is required.

If you would like more information on roof replacements or would like to speak with one of our roofing contractors, please feel free to contact us.

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