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Rain Water System Benefits

Rain Water Systems

Rain water systems are essential when you live somewhere like Northern Ireland, as we’re partial to more than a little rainfall! Without a suitable rain water system, this means storm water can accumulate around your home beginning to cause serious problems. If you want to make sure your property is protected appropriately, ensuring rain water is drained correctly is imperative, as this water typically contains substances such as bacteria, nutrients, sediment, oil, grease, pesticides and trace metals all of which can cause a range of issues.

Below we’ll outline just some benefits of rain water systems and why these should be an essential aspect of your home.

1. Reduced Flooding:

Installing a rain water system means water can be collected and diverted away from vulnerable areas helping reduce the likelihood of flooding, and therefore potential damage to your home and belongings which can often be costly.

2. Ability to use collected water for additional uses:

Water collected through the use of a rain water system means this water can be utilised in other ways such as watering plants or putting out fires. Reusing water like this means you are also reducing your water consumption, and with less water having to be artificially drawn from the environment, it’s a very environmentally friendly step to take.

3. Less risk of icy patches:

Another one of the benefits of rain water systems is the reduced likelihood of icy patches that form when water is unable to drain. This can lead to the formation of water pools resulting in icy spots when the temperature drops which can be dangerous and lead to injury.

4. Avoid the spread of contaminants:

As previously mentioned rain water can contain a range of contaminants such as bacteria, pesticides and many more. Ignoring the collection of storm water means you run the risk of toxins and diseases spreading which can be harmful to humans, pets and any surrounding wildlife. Installing an effective drainage system means water is less likely to collect reducing the development and spread of diseases.

5. Keep plants safe:

Another benefit of rain water systems is that they can prevent the overflow of water that can cause damage to plants and grass, therefore the use of a rain water system allows them to avoid such harm.

6. Reduce risk of damage to infrastructure:

Having an effective rain water system means damage to the structure of your property and its surroundings is minimised. Without a dependable rain water system, serious damage can be caused to cables and plumbing systems and this is often very costly to repair.

As we’ve stated there are multiple benefits of rain water systems, and here at Advanced Roofline we have the solution to all your drainage needs. Working with a team of experts, we’ll ensure you are supplied with the correct products and installation expertise.

If you have any questions regarding rain water systems and the various benefits they can offer, or you would like some more information on the type of rain water systems we provide, feel free to contact us as we would be more than happy to help!

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