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Rain water roof drainage system advantages

A robust rainwater drainage system is essential to protect against increasingly unpredictable weather systems. The weather extremes across the world have highlighted the importance of these types of systems. Among the most frightening for UK homeowners are the devastating floods we’ve seen. What’s worse, is they’ve happened in parts of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe which aren’t usually prone to flooding. 

The damage to property and of course to lives is something we all need to take seriously. Living in an era of climate change means we need to ask “What can I do to protect my homes from floods?”

Proper water drainage systems protect homes

Heavy rainfalls and storm water can be devastating if your home is not equipped with a proper drainage system. A rainwater drainage system protects homes, the contents of your home, and the land around properties. They ensure that storm water and rainwater is drained away or collected, rather than pooling on roofs or in the soil.

Leaking roofs can cause huge problems for residential properties, including the most extreme – ceiling collapse. Water collection on rooftops can also contribute to longer term and more widespread structural decline, and cause damp and wet rot. 

Gardens and land serviced by poor drainage can suffer soil erosion. This is when the impact of water removes soil particles (e.g. washed away during flooding). Soil erosion has implications for soil and water quality, and can also contribute to subsidence. Protecting soil with a good drainage system can actually help reduce the risk of flooding. 

The right drainage system ensures less expense later

Flooding, leaks and soil erosion are expensive and time consuming problems to fix. Added to the potential cost of replacing house contents following a leak or flood, it’s easy to see why it’s important to invest in your rainwater drain system. 

Investing in the right rainwater drainage system offers a reduced risk of serious water damage. Reduced flooding is another important benefit, and again – this year’s flash flooding right across the UK should motivate homeowners to act now rather than later.

When it comes to choosing the right type of system for your home or property, it’s important to have underground pipes checked. Are these intact and working well or do they need replaced or repaired? It is important that your guttering and rainwater collection system have good connections to underground water pipes, to bring water safely away from the home.

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