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Understanding Fascia, Soffits and Guttering

Introduction The fascia, soffit, and guttering elements of your roof are essential for protecting your home while also adding to its aesthetic appeal. Fascia Boards Fascia boards are long, thin boards which are fixed to the lower ends of roof trusses and cover the edges of your roof. Soffits Soffits, on the other hand, are…

Fasica & Sofit


Benefits of Upgrading Your Roofline

Roofline Upgrade Upgrading your roof can often seem like a daunting task, however, the benefits that an upgraded roofline can offer are vast. Roofs typically have a life expectancy of between 20-25 years. It is recommended that you upgrade your roof, including the fascia and soffit after it reaches this point. Below we will discuss…

Roofline Upgrade


Signs Your Roof Needs Replaced

Does your roof need replaced? It’s often easy to forget about the importance of checking your roof for signs of repair but it’s recommended you do so at least twice a year. Regular inspections mean repairs to your roof can be made early helping you save both time and money in the long-run. Below we…

roof replacement


Signs your Guttering needs Replacement

Gutter Replacement Inspecting your guttering regularly is essential to ensure that they are working correctly and diverting rainwater away from your home. If left untreated, your seamless guttering will deteriorate over time leading to costly water damage and time-consuming repairs being required. Regular gutter maintenance every few months will help prevent any serious damage to…

Seamless Guttering - Advanced Roofline


Benefits of a Dry Verge System

Dry Verge System A dry verge system is a modern roofing element consisting of interlocking caps that are placed on top of your roof tiles and run along the verge of your roofline. Typically, older properties have used wet verge roofing whereby mortar is applied to form a weather-tight seal along the edge of your…

dry verge system


What are Seamless Gutters?

Seamless Gutters Seamless gutters are exactly as described – they’re seamless. They are manufactured from one single piece of material and consequently have no joints or seams. As a result, seamless gutters also known as continuous gutters, offer a host of benefits for your roofline including leak resistance, low maintenance, and durability. Regular Gutters vs.…

Seamless Guttering - Advanced Roofline


Enhancing 700 Social Houses with Advanced Roofline NI

Enhancing 700 Social Houses with Advanced Roofline NI: A Comprehensive Project Overview Introduction: Advanced Roofline NI, a prominent company specializing in roofing solutions, recently undertook a monumental project involving the renovation of 700 social houses. The scope of work encompassed a full array of services, including fascia soffit, dry verge, and seamless guttering, contributing significantly…


Preparing your roof for autumn

Introduction The kids have returned to school, the darker evenings are slowly but surely arriving and you can just about feel that nip in the air which can only mean one thing… Autumn has arrived and it’s time to start making those roofline upgrades to ensure your roof is ready for the cooler months ahead.…

Fascia and Soffit Suppliers Northern Ireland


Advanced Roofline’s Top 10 Tips for Maintaining Your Roof

Introduction At Advanced Roofline, we understand that your roof is a critical investment in your home’s protection and value. Proper maintenance is key to extending its lifespan and ensuring it performs optimally. In this blog post, we’re sharing our top ten tips for homeowners on how to maintain their roofs effectively and maximize their roofing…

Advanced Roofline - Fascia Board Replacement Contractors


Advanced Roofline NI’s Project for 87 Homes in County Drogheda

Project Overview: Advanced Roofline NI, a renowned roofing and exterior renovation company, was entrusted with a significant contract to upgrade the roofline, fascia, soffit, guttering, and doors for 87 homes in County Drogheda. Project Objectives: The primary objective of this project was to enhance the exterior functionality and aesthetic appeal of the 87 homes. The…

Fascia - ADR


What are Fascia Boards and Why Do I Need Them?

When it comes to your home, there seems to be an endless amount of elements you must consider, and fascia boards are one of the more important ones! The Role of Fascia Boards Fascia boards are long, thin boards which are fixed to the lower ends of roof trusses, helping to close the opening between…

Fascia Boards


Advanced Roofline NI’s Community Centre/School Project in County Carlow, Ireland

Introduction: This case study presents the experience of Advanced Roofline NI, a reputable construction company, in completing a comprehensive project involving the construction of a community centre/school in County Carlow, Ireland. The project involved the installation of a full range of products, including fascia, soffit, guttering, windows, and doors. Despite facing time pressure from the…

Carlow Project


Why you should upgrade your Fascia & Soffit

Reasons why you should upgrade your Fascia & Soffit Your roofline is one of the most important aspects of your home, and it’s essential you keep it well maintained throughout the years. Many often overlook the Fascia and Soffit of their roofline, but these are crucial to the structure of any home and upgrading these…

Fascia & Soffit


Fascia & Soffit Roofline Products

Elevate Your Home’s Exterior with Advanced Roofline’s Fascia & Soffit Roofline Products Introduction: When it comes to enhancing the aesthetics and protection of your home, the roofline plays a significant role. Outdated and worn-out roofline features can detract from your property’s kerb appeal and compromise its structural integrity. That’s where Advanced Roofline’s Fascia & Soffit…

Fascia Boards


Signs Your Roof Needs Replaced

Signs Your Roof Needs Replaced It’s often difficult to know when you may be in need of a roof replacement because a routine roof check is not a task typically at the top of our to-do lists. It is, however, an essential job and one that should be carried out once every six months to…

Roof replacement


Successful Installation of Fascia Boards, Guttering, Windows, and Doors in 110 Houses in Tallaght, Co. Dublin

Introduction: Advanced Roofline NI, a reputable construction company specialising in roofing and exterior services, recently completed a major project involving the installation of fascia boards, guttering, windows, and doors in 110 houses located in Tallaght, Co. Dublin. This case study provides an overview of the project, highlighting the challenges faced, strategies employed, and the successful…



Advanced Roofline Fortex Cladding

Fortex Cladding Benefits Fortex cladding is an exterior product used for the walls of a property to provide protection for homes. Today, Fortex PVC cladding is growing in popularity with many homeowners opting for this due to its decorative purposes rather than its original protective purpose. With many colours, sizes and surface finishes available, Fortex…

Fortex Cladding


Rain Water System Benefits

Rain Water Systems Rain water systems are essential when you live somewhere like Northern Ireland, as we’re partial to more than a little rainfall! Without a suitable rain water system, this means storm water can accumulate around your home beginning to cause serious problems. If you want to make sure your property is protected appropriately,…

Fascia & Soffit


Enhancing Your Home’s Roofline for Maximum Efficiency

Advanced Roofline NI: Enhancing Your Home’s Roofline Advanced Roofline NI is a leading provider of roofline services in Northern Ireland. We are dedicated to quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction, offering a range of services designed to improve the efficiency and appearance of your home’s roofline. Our Key Services Include: 1. Fascia and Soffit Installation Fascias…

Fortex Cladding | Advanced Roofline NI


What are Dry Verge Systems?

Dry Verge Systems: The Modern Solution for Traditional Gable Roofs The Problem with Wet Verge Systems Traditionally, houses with gable roofs have required the use of motor or other wet materials to secure the ends of the roof above the gable. However, over time, these roofs can develop multiple problems with durability and weathering due…

dry verge system


Advanced Roofline partners with Braidwater Group for Northern Ireland’s largest residential development

We are delighted to announce that Advanced Roofline NI has secured a new contract with the Braidwater Group to fit fascia soffits and seamless gutters for 600 houses in Northern Ireland’s largest residential development in Glen Road, Belfast. Our team of skilled professionals will be working closely with the Braidwater Group to ensure that every…


Full Replacement of Home Exterior Features in Co. Cavan for 125 Houses

Introduction: Advanced Roofline NI is a specialist roofing and exterior services company based in Northern Ireland. In late 2022, the company completed a project in Co. Cavan, where it replaced the windows, doors, gutters, and dry verge systems in 125 houses in the area. This case study highlights the process of the project and the…

Co.Cavan - 125 Houses


Seamless Aluminium Gutter Benefits

Seamless aluminium gutters are exactly what it says on the tin – seamless. They are made from one piece of material and have no joints or seams meaning they offer a range of benefits such as leak-resistance, durability, low maintenance and visual appeal. Due to the range of advantages seamless aluminium gutters offer, they are…

Seamless Aluminum Gutters


Advanced Roofline’s 55 House Project in Birr, Co. Offaly

Advanced Roofline was recently approached by a housing development in Birr, Co. Offaly  to provide full replacement services for 55 houses. The development required a complete overhaul of their existing windows, doors, fascia and soffits, gutters, and dry verge system. Advanced Roofline was chosen for the job due to their experience, expertise, and quality of…

55 House Project - Advanced Roofline


Seamless Fortex Cladding Benefits

In the world of construction, fortex cladding is growing in popularity due to its range of benefits such as high flexibility, low maintenance and long-lasting characteristics to name just a few! So, what actually is seamless fortex cladding? Fortex® is a brand name given to a variety of advanced cladding products that enables users to…

Fortex Cladding | Advanced Roofline NI


Dry Verge Systems Advantages

A dry verge system is a popular roofing solution that provides a number of advantages over traditional verge solutions. In this blog, we will delve into what a dry verge system is and the various benefits it offers. What is a Dry Verge System? A dry verge system is a type of roofing solution that…

dry verge system


5 Signs Your Guttering Needs Replacing

Though you might not pay much thought to your guttering system (until it breaks, that is), it is such an important part of your roofline. Not only can guttering give a nice decorative finish to a property, but it is absolutely crucial for protecting the building. As well as preventing the build-up of mould and…

Seamluess Guttering - Advanced Roofline NI


A Guide To Roofline Replacement

Your roofline is made up of four key elements, and these are the fascias, soffits, bargeboards and guttering. All of these must be in good condition and connected perfectly in order to protect your home from the elements. Although each element can be dealt with individually, there may be times when your entire roofline needs…

PVC - Advanced Roofline


What Is The Best Type Of Gutter System?

There could be multiple reasons you’re searching for the best type of guttering. Perhaps the guttering on your current property is damaged or worn and needs replacing. Alternatively, you might be in the midst of a construction project – whether you’re doing it yourself or leaving it to the professionals – that requires you to…

Seamluess Guttering - Advanced Roofline NI


What Is The Best Material For Fascias?

When it comes to your roofline, you need to make sure you’ve got all the right elements in place and that they not only look good but function as they’re supposed to. When your roofline becomes outdated or damaged, the important elements such as fascias, soffits and guttering can become weak and won’t serve their…

Fascia Boards


6 Winter Roof Insulation Tips

The winter months are fast approaching, and that usually means cosy evenings in, big scarfs, hot chocolates and sitting by log fires. However, this year with temperatures dropping and energy bills soaring, you’d be forgiven for hoping that the winter months pass by quickly and without too many chilly (or expensive) days and nights. But…

Most common roofline problems


A Guide To Cleaning Your Roof

Over time, harsh weather, debris and moss can cause your roof to become dirty. Although this might not seem like a huge problem aesthetically, it can cause damage to the roof and larger problems in the future. It’s vital that you remember that, above all else, your roof needs to be functional. What’s more, as…

Advanced Roofline - Fascia Board Replacement Contractors


Guide To Adding A Sunroom Extension

The popularity of sunrooms has increased in recent years as people invest more money into turning their homes into their sanctuaries. These can be the ideal way to add more relaxing lounge space to your home and can be enjoyed for most of the year. And if you’re thinking about making the investment and adding…

Patio Doors


Guide To Adding A Skylight To Your Kitchen

Are you thinking about adding a skylight to your kitchen? We understand why. There are lots of reasons why you might consider making this addition to such an important room in your home, and this is why the popularity of skylights has increased so much in recent years. However, this can be quite an undertaking;…


7 Things To Bear In Mind When Adding Solar Panels To Your Roof

With electricity and gas prices rising, many are looking for more cost-effective solutions for solving their power issues. Not only this, but as we are becoming more aware of our impact on the planet, lots of individuals are taking steps to reduce their footprint and be kinder to the earth. This is where solar panels…

Solar Panels


Cost Of Replacing Doors & Windows When Renovating

Are you currently renovating your property? Or perhaps you’re planning on giving your home a little TLC in the near future? Whatever the case may be, when it comes to renovations, it’s always a good idea to have a budget in mind. Depending on the amount of work you have to do, it can be…


Guide To Choosing Doors For A New Build

When you’re moving into a new house, you want everything to be perfect, especially if it’s a new build. This is your chance to make your mark on the property and to make it feel homely. So, when it comes to choosing your interior doors, you don’t want to just blindly walk into a shop…


Guide To Rainwater Drainage Systems & Why They’re Important

The UK weather is well known for its unpredictability and, of course, its frequent rainfall. In fact, the average annual rainfall in the UK is over 42 inches (1,077 mm). Why are we telling you this? Well, to emphasise the importance of an efficient and well-maintained drainage system. If your rainwater collection and drainage systems…

uPVC Fascia


A Beginner’s Guide To Fascia & Soffits

There are so many important components that make up our homes, one of which is a strong and sturdy roofline. For the style and functionality of your roof and the safety of your property, you need to choose the right fascias and soffits. These need to protect your property from the weather, wildlife and debris,…

Fascia and Guttering Suppliers NI 


7 Signs That Your Roof Needs A Repair Check

Knowing when your roof might need repairs can be tricky. After all, it’s not something we check every day, and it’s not an easy task getting up there. However, this is an integral part of the structure of your property, and it needs to be looked after. As such, it’s important to check on your…

Roof replacement


6 Signs That Your Roof Needs Maintenance

Your roof isn’t something you check every day, but it’s such an important part of your property, and you need to take care of it. But with so many things to think about on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget about monitoring and maintaining your roof until it’s too late. However, checking your roof…

Fasica & Sofit


Why uPVC Is The Best Choice For Soffit Boards

There could be a number of reasons that you have to concern yourself with the soffits on your property, whether that’s because they’re damaged, need replacing, or you want to update the look of your home. Whatever the case may be, it’s crucial that you get these components right as they play a key function…


The Pros & Cons Of Seamless Gutters

You might not have paid much thought to the type of guttering you have on your property until now, but you really should. This often neglected but vital drainage system is there to steer water away from your roof and property in order to protect it from damage. If your guttering system is faulty, this…


Guide To Choosing Windows For Your New Build

Choosing the perfect windows for your new build is a big decision, and it’s one you don’t want to rush into. You want them to be functional, good quality and you want them to stand the test of time. But most of all, you want them to complement the look and style of your home.…

New Build Windows


Everything You Need To Know About Seamless Gutters

Seamless aluminium guttering in Northern Ireland is a great option for maintaining and extending the longevity of your property’s roofline.  So what is seamless guttering and why is it a good choice? As the name suggests, a seamless aluminium gutter system has no joints or fasteners. It is a continuous length of gutter, and its…

Seamless Gutters


Guide To Choosing Fascia & Soffits

As leading fascia board suppliers, we know that choosing the right fascia and soffit boards for your property is crucial for its longevity. Our years of experience as Upvc suppliers in Northern Ireland means we know the importance of high quality roofline products that resist our typical Northern Irish weather. When you live somewhere where…

Fascia & Soffits


Is uPVC fascia waterproof?

PVC fascia boards are an increasingly popular choice for both modern and traditional style homes. The reason being that uPVC fascia, soffits, cladding and guttering is available in an increasing range of colours and style options, many of which effectively mimic traditional timber. Fascias and soffits and other roof system elements are widely available in…

uPVC Fascia


Most common roofing problems

Roofline replacement is a big job. We’re committed to helping people maintain their roofline by sharing our knowledge of common roofing issues to look out for and what to do if you spot them.  Roofing problems should only be fixed by experienced roofing contractors. Always consult an experienced roofing company with good reviews if you…

Most common roofline problems


The Benefits Of Installing uPVC Cladding, Fascias and Soffits

Fascia board suppliers are increasingly seeing the use of UPVC fascia boards, soffits and cladding. Most commonly used for doors and window frames, homeowners and builders are increasingly looking to the use of UPVC fascias and soffits, as well as cladding, because they offer the durability and water protection which – long term – wood…

Fascia & Soffits Benefits


Why is it important to look after your Roofline?

The roofline of your house is a crucial aspect of keeping your property safe and habitable. Roofline replacement can be costly, so it is important to know how to spot and fix issues before they become problems. Roofline replacement, although a big job, is a wise investment in your home, as a well installed roof…

Fortex Cladding | Advanced Roofline NI


Advantages of Aluminum Fascia Boards

Fascias and soffit boards come in an ever-expanding range of materials and finishes. This important component of the roofline caps the edge of rafters around the edge of the roof. Aluminum fascia boards are an increasingly popular choice and we are often asked whether they are superior to vinyl fascia boards for your home exterior,…


Early signs you may need a roof replacement

Roofline replacement can sound daunting but it’s one of the best things you can do to keep your property a safe place to live or work. There are many ways to do a quick ‘health check’ on your roofline, both from inside and outside the building.  Whether your roofline is a flat roof or a…

Roof replacement


What Is Seamless Guttering?

What is seamless guttering?  To explain what seamless guttering is, we start with traditional, or standard sectional guttering. Sectional guttering is, as its name suggests, manufactured in sections. These sections of guttering are cut to fit the roof, and then installed by fitting the sections together, usually by welding, soldering, or joining mechanisms, depending on…

Seamless Guttering - Advanced Roofline


Can PVC Soffit and Fascia be painted?

PVC soffit and fascia boards are a durable, cost-effective option for your property. Many customers have asked us if PVC soffits and fascias can be painted. You may not think that uPVC soffits and fascias are suitable for painting given that they are basically a type of plastic material.  However, there are now specialist uPVC…

PVC - Advanced Roofline


Fascia suppliers NI

We’re proud to be one of the leading fascia suppliers Northern Ireland. If you need fascia boards and soffit boards for a property in NI, you need fascia suppliers who know NI and can deliver high quality options. We offer full replacement as well as fascias and soffits for new build properties and homes. uPVC…

Fascia & Soffit


Roofline replacement benefits

Roofline replacement is one of the most cost effective and visually dramatic methods of home improvement. Your roofline is a crucial part of keeping your property safe, dry, warm, and protected from the weather.  So what is a roofline and how does it protect your home? The word roofline refers to four key elements that…

Roofline replacement benefits


Roofing Contractors Northern Ireland 

As one of the leading roofing contractors in Northern Ireland/NI, we pride ourselves on offering unrivalled roofing solutions for NI property owners. A family run business, Advanced Roofline has provided high quality roofing services throughout Northern Ireland for over 30 years. Our wide range of services includes: Roofline products and services Windows Doors Roofline products…

Roofing Contractors


The top 5 benefits of Patio Doors

As leading patio door suppliers in NI, we’re often asked about the benefits of adding patio doors to a property. These are our top five benefits of patio doors in the home. Improve your indoor space If you love your garden, having patio doors installed gives you full floor-to-ceiling views of your outdoor space, 365…

Patio Doors


Rain water roof drainage system advantages

A robust rainwater drainage system is essential to protect against increasingly unpredictable weather systems. The weather extremes across the world have highlighted the importance of these types of systems. Among the most frightening for UK homeowners are the devastating floods we’ve seen. What’s worse, is they’ve happened in parts of the United Kingdom, Ireland and…

rainwater system


Composite Door Benefits

When it comes to composite doors, NI has seen a surge of interest in this durable, weather resistant option for external home improvement. Composite doors are made from a combination of materials designed to offer better performance and longevity than single material options such as timber or uPVC. If you’re here to research the best…

composite door benefits


Seamless aluminium gutters benefits

When it comes to the guttering on your house, it may have been a while since you last looked at it. Perhaps it was fitted when your home was first built, and you only now look at it when it is causing issues. This is because guttering can often cause issues: it can crack, it…



The Benefits of Fascia and Soffit Replacements

When it comes to the home, many people often fail to pay close attention to their fascia and soffit. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have these essential features fitted when they first build a house, and then to not pass any remarks again. However, fascia and soffit are not invincible to the elements, nor…

fasica & soffit


8 Benefits Of Tilt And Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows have been around for decades and are increasingly becoming more a popular solution for new homes or those having their older windows replaced. These windows are essentially three different styles in one: the fixed window, the swing-in window and the turned out window. They serve a number of different functions, and…

Tilt Windows


What Are Seamless Gutters And Why Should You Choose Them For Your Home?

You might not have really put much thought into the guttering that runs around your house, that is, until it’s broken or needs replacing. Yet this is such an important part of your property and it plays a crucial role in drainage and diverting water away from the building. But as with lots of aspects…

Seamluess Guttering - Advanced Roofline NI


What Is A Roofline and How To Know If Yours Needs Replacing

The roofline of your property is so important, yet many of us have barely even heard the term used, let alone got to grips with what this is and how to look after it. So we thought it was time that changed. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to take a detailed look at…



4 Reasons To Replace Your Fascia And Soffit Boards

Your roof is an important part of your home’s defence against the elements and therefore, you need to make sure you take care of it. An important part of your roofline is the fascias and soffits boards. These contribute to the overall look of your home but they also protect your rafters and interiors, as…

Fascia & Soffit


What Are The Benefits Of A Composite Door?

Composite doors have risen in prominences over the last few years and it’s not hard to see why. Made using a variety of materials for additional strength, these can be a superior choice when it comes to choosing a door for your home or any other property for that matter. With a wide range of…

Composite Door Suppliers - Advanced Roofline


How To Install Guttering On A Shed

When building a new shed in your garden, it’s important that you factor in a guttering system as well. Why? Because a functional guttering system can prolong the lifespan of your shed, ensuring that rainwater isn’t running down the sides and weakening the structure. It also stops water from building up around the base. Not…

Shed guttering


Advanced Roofline: When should you replace your windows and doors?

Windows and doors are one of the first things you will notice about any home and they’re an effective way to improve the overall appearance of your property. A brightly coloured front door can be used to make a bold statement or sleek black window frames used to enhance a classically styled exterior. As well…

Panel Door - Advanced Roofline NI


What Colour Fascia Should You Get?

Experts in Fascia NI When it comes to your home’s exterior, fascia boards are an important ‘finishing touch’. Not only do they provide a clean and modern finish to your home, but they also play an important role in protecting your roof. UPVC fascia protects your roof by supporting the bottom row of tiles and…



Benefits of Aluminium Guttering

Considering replacing your gutters? Aluminium is an increasingly popular choice for gutter material. These kinds of gutters are durable, affordable, and incredibly easy to keep in excellent condition. Professional roofers and contractors agree that you can’t go wrong choosing aluminium for your gutters.  At Advanced Roofline, we have years of experience and expertise in roofline…

Seamluess Guttering - Advanced Roofline NI


The Advantages of Panel Doors

‘The Gateway to Your Home’   Choosing the right door for your home is an important decision, after all you want the entrance of your home to look and feel just right. Panel doors are one way to create a stunning gateway to your home as they come in a vast range of styles and decorative…

Panel Door - Advanced Roofline NI


PVC window benefits 

What are PVC Windows? PVC or uPVC is unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, it’s a low maintenance and highly durable building material that has quite a number of uses. It has become a popular alternative to painted timber due to its resistance to chemicals, weathering and oxidation.  PVC is the ideal material for double glazed windows. They…

uPVC Fascia Suppliers Northern Ireland


Benefits of a Dry Verge System 

Dry Verge Systems The roof verge is the part of the roofline where the tiles end and the gable begins. It’s one of the most vulnerable parts of the roof due to its exposure to strong winds and water penetration. Installing a dry verge system is the best way to protect your roofline and home. …

Roofline Upgrade


The Advantage of Having Aluminium Gutters 

Why Choose Aluminium Gutters? So the time has arrived for new gutters, but what is the best option for your home? Plastic gutters are known to be brittle, and iron or steel can be susceptible to corrosion. There is of course one other option – aluminium gutters. Aluminium gutters have been gaining popularity in the…

Seamless Gutters - ADR


Fascia Board Replacement Benefits 

Northern Ireland’s Replacement Board Specialists At Advanced Roofline we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of products, and one item that we specialise in is fascia board. Our entire fascia board range comes complete with uPVC skin which is calcium zinc stabilised to ensure superior weather stability. They’re also available in a selection of…

Fascia and Guttering Suppliers NI 


Roofline Specialists Northern Ireland 

Roofline Specialists Northern Ireland At Advanced Roofline we’re the quality roofline specialists for Northern Ireland. We specialise in guttering, fascia and soffit, downpipe and cladding systems. As well as providing expertise and advice anywhere in Northern Ireland. Advanced Roofline is a family run business based in Mid-Ulster, we take pride in our reputation and in…

Advanced Roofline NI


The Benefits of uPVC Soffits and Fascias

Protect Your Roofline Your roofline plays an important role in safeguarding your home. It protects it from the harsh elements that we often experience here in Ireland and the UK. So it makes sense to always ensure your roofline is in good condition, especially in the colder months. UPVC soffits and fascias are crucial elements…

Fasica & Sofit


The Benefits of UPVC Windows & Doors

UPVC Windows and Doors When glazing your home it’s important to make the right decision on style, frame and material.  UPVC has proven to be one of the most popular choices for windows and doors, due to its durability and cost effectiveness. At Advanced Roofline we’re top suppliers of uPVC windows and doors. We believe…

UPVC Windows & Doors - NI


Advanced Roofline – 5 Benefits of a Seamless Gutter for Your Home

Seamless Guttering Northern Ireland If your home has trouble with leaks or water damage then it’s usually a sign you should replace your old gutters. Mould and paint peeling can also be tell-tales signs, but what are your options when it comes to new guttering? It used to be that gutters came in sectional pieces…

Seamluess Guttering - Advanced Roofline NI


Understanding Roofline and Why it Matters 

Your Roofline Is Important Most of us won’t spend too much time thinking about our roof.  But, if your roofline isn’t doing its job or you need an upgrade, it’s good to know a little. Your roofline is the board that runs along the edge of your roofing and the top wall of your home.…

Understanding Roofline and Why it Matters 


Advanced Roofline NI – Dry Verge Systems

What are Dry Verge Systems? Dry verge systems are used when roof tiles finish on an open edge. It covers the tiles on the gable of the house and can be especially useful where cement has became cracked or loosened. The verge system laps over the roof tile and is secured simply onto your fascia…

Dry Verge Systems - Advanced Roofline


Advanced Roofline – Fascia Board Replacement Contractors

‘Fascia Contractors’ Fascia boards are an important part of your roofing. They not only add visual appeal to your home, but they also protect its exterior. If you’re wondering what fascia is, it’s the long straight board which sits right below the roof truss. It supports the roof and the lowest row of roof tiles,…

Advanced Roofline - Fascia Board Replacement Contractors


Advanced Roofline NI – Window Range

Choosing the Right Window It used to be that windows had one purpose, letting fresh air and light into the home. Now, they can be used to define the character of a property – adding style and personality. Choosing the right window for your home is crucial, whether it be a traditional classic design or…

Advanced Roofline NI - Window Range


Fascia and Guttering Suppliers – Advanced Roofline NI 

Specialist Suppliers At Advanced Roofline we provide the highest quality range of roofline and rainwater drainage products in the whole of Northern Ireland.  We’re specialist suppliers and as well as high quality products, we can offer unparalleled in-house service and support. As part of our expertise, we offer the very best in both fascia and…

Fascia and Guttering Suppliers NI 


Fascia and Soffit Suppliers Northern Ireland

‘Finish Your Home the Right Way’ In order to protect the interior of your home you need a strong and reliable exterior. An important element of this is your roofing system which includes fascia and soffit boards. Attached to your home, the fascias and soffits do much more than provide an appealing finish. They work…

Fascia and Soffit Suppliers Northern Ireland


Composite Door Suppliers – Advanced Roofline Ni 

‘The Gateway to Your Home’ We like to think that first impressions count, and there’s no better way to showcase your home than with a stunning composite door. Our large range of composite door styles means we can offer you a product that ticks all of the boxes. Providing maximum security, optimal weather resistance and…

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uPVC Fascia Suppliers Northern Ireland

‘The Finishing Touches’ When it comes to your home’s exterior you’ll want a roofing system that is both effective and looks the part. Fascias are a vital part of this, not only do they add visual appeal but they’re also practical in prolonging the lifespan of your roof. At Advanced Roofline we’re uPVC fascia suppliers…

uPVC Fascia Suppliers Northern Ireland


Advanced Roofline NI – Seamless Aluminium Gutters

Achieve a clean and seamless finishing look to your home with Advanced Roofline’s seamless aluminium gutters. The advanced gutter system is best known for its durability with the pleasant advantage of a soft and aesthetically pleasing exterior. With no joints or fasteners, seamless guttering minimising leakages and extends its life expectancy by eliminating the need…

Seamless Aluminium Advanced Roofline


5 Benefits of Replacing Fascias

Fascia – often called the roofline, is the point where the roof meets the outer walls of the house. Due to the elements, this area can often deteriorate, losing its colour and strength. When this happens there are two options: you can cap over your fascia boards, or you can opt for a full replacement…

Fascia Boards


Advanced Roofline Launch New Website

Advanced Roofline is proud to announce the launch of our new website which provides a clear message of who we are, what we stand for and where our value lies when developing, delivering high quality products. The website also boasts a clean design and intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation system with improved menu functionality that…

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uPVC Fascia and Soffit Boards

We pride ourselves in offering a huge range of uPVC fascia and soffit boards, and a wide selection of coloured and wood effect fascia boards. Our wood grain range includes all the classic wood types including mahogany, black ash and light oak.  Whether it is a new build or a refurbishment contact us to find…

Fascia Boards