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uPVC Fascia and Soffit Boards

We pride ourselves in offering a huge range of uPVC fascia and soffit boards, and a wide selection of coloured and wood effect fascia boards. Our wood grain range includes all the classic wood types including mahogany, black ash and light oak.  Whether it is a new build or a refurbishment contact us to find…

Fascia Boards


Advanced Roofline Launch New Website

Advanced Roofline is proud to announce the launch of our new website which provides a clear message of who we are, what we stand for and where our value lies when developing, delivering high quality products. The website also boasts a clean design and intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation system with improved menu functionality that…

Advanced Roofline


5 Benefits of Replacing Fascias

Fascia – often called the roofline, is the point where the roof meets the outer walls of the house. Due to the elements, this area can often deteriorate, losing its colour and strength. When this happens there are two options: you can cap over your fascia boards, or you can opt for a full replacement…

Fascia Boards


Advanced Roofline NI – Seamless Aluminium Gutters

Achieve a clean and seamless finishing look to your home with Advanced Roofline’s seamless aluminium gutters. The advanced gutter system is best known for its durability with the pleasant advantage of a soft and aesthetically pleasing exterior. With no joints or fasteners, seamless guttering minimising leakages and extends its life expectancy by eliminating the need…

Seamless Aluminium Advanced Roofline


uPVC Fascia Suppliers Northern Ireland

‘The Finishing Touches’ When it comes to your home’s exterior you’ll want a roofing system that is both effective and looks the part. Fascias are a vital part of this, not only do they add visual appeal but they’re also practical in prolonging the lifespan of your roof. At Advanced Roofline we’re uPVC fascia suppliers…

uPVC Fascia Suppliers Northern Ireland


Composite Door Suppliers – Advanced Roofline Ni 

‘The Gateway to Your Home’ We like to think that first impressions count, and there’s no better way to showcase your home than with a stunning composite door. Our large range of composite door styles means we can offer you a product that ticks all of the boxes. Providing maximum security, optimal weather resistance and…

Composite Door Suppliers - Advanced Roofline


Fascia and Soffit Suppliers Northern Ireland

‘Finish Your Home the Right Way’ In order to protect the interior of your home you need a strong and reliable exterior. An important element of this is your roofing system which includes fascia and soffit boards. Attached to your home, the fascias and soffits do much more than provide an appealing finish. They work…

Fascia and Soffit Suppliers Northern Ireland


Fascia and Guttering Suppliers – Advanced Roofline NI 

Specialist Suppliers At Advanced Roofline we provide the highest quality range of roofline and rainwater drainage products in the whole of Northern Ireland.  We’re specialist suppliers and as well as high quality products, we can offer unparalleled in-house service and support. As part of our expertise, we offer the very best in both fascia and…

Fascia and Guttering Suppliers NI 


Advanced Roofline NI – Window Range

Choosing the Right Window It used to be that windows had one purpose, letting fresh air and light into the home. Now, they can be used to define the character of a property – adding style and personality. Choosing the right window for your home is crucial, whether it be a traditional classic design or…

Advanced Roofline NI - Window Range


Advanced Roofline – Fascia Board Replacement Contractors

‘Fascia Contractors’ Fascia boards are an important part of your roofing. They not only add visual appeal to your home, but they also protect its exterior. If you’re wondering what fascia is, it’s the long straight board which sits right below the roof truss. It supports the roof and the lowest row of roof tiles,…

Advanced Roofline - Fascia Board Replacement Contractors


Advanced Roofline NI – Dry Verge Systems

What are Dry Verge Systems? Dry verge systems are used when roof tiles finish on an open edge. It covers the tiles on the gable of the house and can be especially useful where cement has became cracked or loosened. The verge system laps over the roof tile and is secured simply onto your fascia…

Dry Verge Systems - Advanced Roofline


Understanding Roofline and Why it Matters 

Your Roofline Is Important Most of us won’t spend too much time thinking about our roof.  But, if your roofline isn’t doing its job or you need an upgrade, it’s good to know a little. Your roofline is the board that runs along the edge of your roofing and the top wall of your home.…

Understanding Roofline and Why it Matters