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Is uPVC fascia waterproof?

PVC fascia boards are an increasingly popular choice for both modern and traditional style homes. The reason being that uPVC fascia, soffits, cladding and guttering is available in an increasing range of colours and style options, many of which effectively mimic traditional timber.

Fascias and soffits and other roof system elements are widely available in both wood and upvc. 

Unlike wooden fascia boards, fascia and soffit boards in PVC, alongside PVC guttering, barge boards and cladding, offer watertight roofline options for your home. 

uPVC soffits, fascia boards and other roofline materials have a fully waterproof skin, which prevents water penetrating into the core of the material. Unlike timber, it is maintenance free and will never need to be specially treated or painted in order to be water resistant. Simple cleaning will ensure that PVC fascia will maintain their looks without warping, rotting or flaking. 

Over the long term, uPVC fascia, soffits, capping boards, guttering systems and other finishing touches offer an alternative to timber without sacrificing a pleasant, natural decorative finish. 

uPVC Fascia

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