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Guide To Choosing Fascia & Soffits

As leading fascia board suppliers, we know that choosing the right fascia and soffit boards for your property is crucial for its longevity. Our years of experience as Upvc suppliers in Northern Ireland means we know the importance of high quality roofline products that resist our typical Northern Irish weather.

When you live somewhere where you can wake up to sunshine and see thunderstorms by lunch time, it’s important that your fascia boards and soffits do their job of protecting your roofline. Your roofline protects your entire property, so needs wise investment, professional fascia board suppliers and installers, and quality pvc fascia and soffit solutions.

 As well as weather damage and moisture, your roofline protects your property from unwanted guests such as birds, vermin and pests.


Together, your fascia boards and soffit boards make up the eaves of your property. Your fascia boards basically close the gap between the walls and the roof. They are the key decorative element of the eaves, as they can be most clearly seen from the road or kerbside. 

Fascia boards have a number of functions on your roofline. They close the gap between the roof and wall, and also prevent water, debris and pests from entering the interior of the property. 

They also have a decorative function given their visibility. This is one of the reasons why upvc fascias are such a good option for any property. As well as convincing wood effect, they are available in virtually any colour and style. This gives a huge range of high quality decorative options – which will never need to be repainted or resealed.

Finally, fascia boards are where your rainwater drainage and guttering is attached – another important roofline product to consider. 

As well as pvc fascia, pvc soffits are a wise choice for Northern Ireland homes and properties of all sizes and styles. Whereas fascias run parallel to the outer walls of the property, soffits are affixed to the underside of the fascia boards at a 90 degree angle to the wall. 

Pvc soffit boards enclose roof edges and also provide crucial protection to the house, preventing vermin and birds climbing or flying up into the rafters of your property. 

Dry verge system

A dry verge system is used together with upvc fascia and soffits to provide a clean and attractive finish to gable end walls. Dry verge will cover the tiles on the property’s gable end, offering an aesthetically pleasing finish as well as effectively covering any loose or cracked tiles or cement. 

It’s a great way to get a maintenance free gable as it prevents entry of animals and pests, as well as providing protection against rain and moisture entering. Dry verge systems prevent tiles being loosened by harsh winds, and effectively protects any wooden elements of the roofline from damage, rot or splitting. 

Fascia & Soffits