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Fascia Board Replacement Benefits 

Northern Ireland’s Replacement Board Specialists

At Advanced Roofline we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of products, and one item that we specialise in is fascia board. Our entire fascia board range comes complete with uPVC skin which is calcium zinc stabilised to ensure superior weather stability.

They’re also available in a selection of colours and wood effect boards -Perfect for blending in to your home, whatever the style. And if that’s not enough, we have an excellent customer service team to help you every step of the way.

Our in-house staff can provide you with impartial product expertise and knowledge with an unrivalled depth of product range. Our solid relationships with the major manufacturers mean we have the scope which allows our customers to choose the right materials based on their preferred range, colour, finishes, ancillaries and price.

Whatever your roofline needs, we have got the range and experience.

What is Fascia?

UPVC fascia acts as a barrier on the outside of your home, it protects its exterior – the roofline- from harsh elements. As well as making sure the inside is safe from any weather damage.

On your roofline, you’ll find the fascia board below the roof truss.  It has the job of supporting the bottom edge of tiles and holding several gallons of water, during heavy rainfall. Most modern homes will have fascia within their roof structure however some dated homes lack this feature.

If your home does not have fascia boards or they have become old and deteriorated, it’s vital they are replaced.  If you leave your roofline unprotected your home can become damaged, begin to rot or let water leak in.

Reasons to Replace Your Fascia…

To Keep Your Home Safe & Comfortable

Functional fascia can cycle heat and moisture from your home. This ventilation serves as a protective barrier keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Replacement fascia boards may also help to correct air circulation within the home, especially in areas like the attic. Which may be susceptible to heat and moisture that can often cause mould.

To Protect its Structure

During the colder months and winter, our homes face heavy rainfall and even snow. New fascia boards can ensure that your home does face any leakages. However, if your roofline is old or compromised, moisture penetration can result in rotting and mould. And if left untreated, this can cause irreparable structural damage.

Added Value to Your Home

Did you know that having up-to-date fascia can actually increase the value of your home? As well as providing protection, uPVC fascia can give your home a clean and modern finish.

Not to mention they’re really energy efficient. Adequate roof structure can reduce your homes energy bill by allowing sufficient airflow and adding an extra layer of insulation. Overall replacement fascia is excellent value for money and should be seen as a long term investment. Protecting your roofline for years to come.

Why Choose us?

If you decide to replace your fascia or any part of your roofline, there are a number of reasons to choose Advanced Roofline. We provide the highest quality of roofline and drainage products, expertise and advice anywhere in Northern Ireland.

We offer a unique manufacturers guarantee and can ensure that you’ll always be supplied with high quality products and installation expertise. We want to give our customers the best, which is why we only work with leading manufacturers.  To give you experienced product specialists, as well as unparallel service and support.

We can provide:

  • Site Visits
  • Free estimating
  • Free samples
  • Technical advice on fixing flow rates, uPVC design and legislation
  • Product guarentees
  • British Standard Accreditation
  • Training course
  • Product planning with agreed packages for individual sites and products
  • Countrywide coverage
  • Stock on the ground
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