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Fascia and Guttering Suppliers – Advanced Roofline NI 

Specialist Suppliers

At Advanced Roofline we provide the highest quality range of roofline and rainwater drainage products in the whole of Northern Ireland.  We’re specialist suppliers and as well as high quality products, we can offer unparalleled in-house service and support.

As part of our expertise, we offer the very best in both fascia and guttering supplies. With advanced roofing systems that are best known for their durability and aesthetically pleasing finish. 

Advanced Roofline’s seamless aluminium gutters come complete with zero joints or fasteners to minimise leakages and rain damage. Alongside our uPVC fascia boards which can add visual appeal to your roofline as well as extending its lifespan.

As specialist guttering suppliers we can provide a clean, seamless and effective finishing look to your home.

Bespoke Guttering Systems

In order to protect your home’s interior, it’s important to look after its exterior. We offer bespoke guttering systems that ensure an excellent fit and exceptional function. With seamless aluminium gutters that come custom made and unique to your property.

All of our guttering systems are high quality and easy to install. The lengths of gutter are products without joints and are constructed from solid aluminium coils. They can be easily attached with concealed brackets for support and a lightweight material makes them easy to move during installation.

At Advanced Roofline, we offer supply and fitting for your convenience.

Maintenance Free

As guttering suppliers we want to offer you a product that’s easy to maintain. Older sectional gutters can be susceptible to build up and blockages. This is often caused by leaves, twigs and other debris which clogs up the joints and seams. Not only does this require manual cleaning but it can also cause damage to your system.

Seamless aluminium gutters require very minimal maintenance and this is because they’re product without joints. They also have a high resistance to leakage which further reduces the need for maintenance or wear and tear over time.

‘Impressive Appearance’

On top of practical uses, another benefit of our gutter systems is their impressive modern appearance. All of our aluminium gutters are coated with a hydro power coat which is scratch resistant, maintenance free and requires no re-painting overtime.

Durable materials used by Advanced Roofline Northern Ireland will ensure that your product remains rust free and time honoured. Our aluminium gutters have a life expectancy of 30-35 years, making them a cost effective choice for your property.

We also have an extensive range of colours in the options; marble white, royal brown, rich ivory anthracite black, charcoal grey and forest green.

Range of Fascia

Fascia boards play an effective role in supporting your roofline. They’re one of the final touches that tie everything together – ensuring all your fittings are kept waterproof and well protected.

The fascia board is a long straight board which is placed along the lower edge of your roof.  During installation, it’s fitted directly along the rafter ends and will close the gap between each one.  Its main job is to support the bottom row of tiles as well as carrying all of the guttering.

At Advanced Roofline we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of fascia boards in a host of all colours and sizes. Our wood grain ranges includes all classic wood styles including mahogany, black ash and light oak. Whatever the style, we can provide you with uPVC fascia that will blend in beautifully to your home.

As well as looking the part, we can guarantee satisfaction with high quality uPVC calcium zinc stabilised skin. Complete with a unique manufacturers guarantee, our fascias will always offer robust, low maintenance and superior weather resistant support to your home.

Choose Advanced Roofline because…

We provide:

  • Site visits
  • Free estimations
  • Free samples
  • Technical advice on fixing, flow rates, PVCu design, legislation
  • Product guarantees
  • British standard accreditation
  • Product planning with agreed packages for individual sites
  • Countrywide coverage
  • Stock on the ground

In addition to these services we can promise you an excellent standard of customer service and support every step of the way. We can offer impartial product knowledge and expertise as well as an unrivalled range of products.

Our close relationship with major manufacturers means we can provide customers the right materials based on their preferred range, colour, finish, ancillaries and price.

Whatever your roofline needs, we can meet them with ensured satisfaction.

Fascia and Guttering Suppliers NI 

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