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Everything You Need To Know About Seamless Gutters

Seamless aluminium guttering in Northern Ireland is a great option for maintaining and extending the longevity of your property’s roofline. 

So what is seamless guttering and why is it a good choice? As the name suggests, a seamless aluminium gutter system has no joints or fasteners. It is a continuous length of gutter, and its only join is where it meets with the downpipe. 

No joints and seams makes it much harder for seamless aluminium gutters to leak, therefore vastly reducing the likelihood of leaks and water damage. The purpose of guttering is to act as rainwater drainage from your roofline. Water is carried away from your roof – and more importantly, from the fabric of the house – and deep down into the ground. 

Without effective rainwater drainage attached to fascia boards, water can pool and seep into walls and ceilings, causing damp, water damage, wood rot and mould within your house. As well as damaging your house, your garden or outside areas can be impacted by uncontrolled rainwater, which can wash away soil and landscaping. 

As this type of gutter is roll formed as a continuous piece, there are less places in a seamless aluminium gutter for debris like moss and leaves to collect. Therefore they are less likely to become blocked and overflow. They therefore require less maintenance and cleaning over time than traditional guttering.

Seamless aluminium guttering in Northern Ireland is often extruded aluminium gutters. Extruded and pressed aluminium is an increasingly popular type of seamless gutter, as they come in a range of styles, from ogee gutter to square styles. An ogee profile can look like traditional Victorian styles, and square shapes can look great on contemporary houses and properties.  

As well as a range of styles, there are several colours available in seamless aluminium guttering in Northern Ireland. From marble white to charcoal grey to forest green, there is a palette to suit every roofline. 

The powder coating is a key feature of seamless aluminium guttering. Our aluminium hydro powder coat means your guttering is scratch resistant and maintenance free, with no need for painting or repainting.

Seamless Gutters