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Composite Door Suppliers – Advanced Roofline Ni 

‘The Gateway to Your Home’

We like to think that first impressions count, and there’s no better way to showcase your home than with a stunning composite door.

Our large range of composite door styles means we can offer you a product that ticks all of the boxes. Providing maximum security, optimal weather resistance and enhanced energy efficiency, combined with unique style and quality.

At Advanced Roofline we’re one of the top composite door suppliers in Northern Ireland. We’re offering our customers a fantastic range with 16 door designs, countless glazing options and endless possibilities for personalisation. Let us help you create an elegant and long lasting gateway to your home.

Why Choose an Advanced Roofline Composite Door?

Strength and Security

We’ve already mentioned how great composite doors look, but did you know that they also provide high levels of strength and security. Constructed from high-density polyurethane foam, timber and glass-reinforced plastic outer skin, our composite front doors are extremely durable.

Their lightweight material, GRP also has a higher strength ratio than mild steel which makes this door design virtually impact resistance. As composite door suppliers we ensure that our product is highly secure. Each fitted with a multi-point locking system and optional cylinder locking mechanisms – tested to Pass 24 requirements – for the ultimate reassurance.

All of our composite doors are fitted to a steel reinforced door frames. With a range of door threshold options available, including low/flush thresholds for unrestricted access and enhanced weather-resistance.

Energy Efficient

Another reason to choose a composite door for your home is energy performance. They’re an excellent way to save energy and this is all down to their core material polyurethane foam, which offers outstanding levels of heat insulation and thermal efficiency.

Multi-chambers within in the door frame can further increase efficiency by acting as a barrier against heat loss. For ultimate energy savings we recommend choosing a double rebated door fitted with 50mm triple glazed units. Our triple glazing features high-performance coated glass which will reflect heat back into your home improving thermal energy and limiting wastage.

Another reason to shop with us at Advanced Roofline – one of the biggest composite door suppliers in Northern Ireland.

Endless Styles and Finishes

Composite doors offer a high grade finish with a classic twist. And with hundreds of colour options to choose from you can style your complete look from start to finish.
Our single rebated composite door range features both traditional and contemporary styles. Each finished with an authentic grain-effect and decorative glass option.

You’ll be happy to know that all bespoke decorative units are handcrafted in our in-house glass studio and include bevel, lead, resin and sandblast designs. We can also offer you unique unglazed, solid door options and additional matching sidelights.

If you’re after extra efficiency you can choose from 28mm or 50mm triple glazing glass. With exceptional levels of energy performance these can further ensure you enjoy savings on home heating bills and reduced carbon emissions. In addition to clear glass, we also offer a range of textured/obscure glass options.

Value for Money

If you’re still unsure about composite doors here’s a couple more reasons to sway your mind. As well as excellent quality and being highly durable, composite doors are excellent value for money and low maintenance.

This particular type of door design is inexpensive and will last for decades. They’re built not to crack, rot, warp, twist and virtually require zero maintenance across their lifetime. Our traditional composite doors will look their best for years to come, providing your home with much needed security, protection and insulation.

What we can Offer

Our double rebated composite doors are 70mm in width and offer exceptional levels of durability, strength and impact-resistance. Door slabs also overlap with the frame; ensuring the door is fully sealed and providing enhanced thermal and weather performance.

  • 16 doors styles from classic to contemporary to suit any home
  • Huge colour choice
  • Available in 44mm single rebate or 70mm double rebate options


  • Available with 28mm double or 50mm triple glazing to provide exceptional levels of energy performance

For more information on fascia replacement and services, feel free to contact us.

Composite Door Suppliers - Advanced Roofline

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