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Composite Door Benefits

When it comes to composite doors, NI has seen a surge of interest in this durable, weather resistant option for external home improvement.

Composite doors are made from a combination of materials designed to offer better performance and longevity than single material options such as timber or uPVC. If you’re here to research the best doors for your home, then this article is for you. Below, we’ve pulled together the top eight benefits of a composite door:

They look amazing, with a huge range of style options

uPVC doors can be popular for those with budget constraints but offer very limited choice when it comes to colour and style. In Northern Ireland, composite doors are becoming the door designer’s top choice due to the sheer range of options available.

You can have the traditional look of timber doors, or the clean lines of something more modern, with a rainbow of colour and design textures to pick from. For example, at Advanced Roofline, we offer both classic and contemporary styles, with decorative glass options, and wood grain-effect finishes available. 

We have an in-house glass studio which allows us to offer bevel, lead, resin and sandblast designs, or you can opt for solid or unglazed doors for that extra touch of privacy.

Tough and durable to withstand any weather conditions

Especially important in NI’s variable climate, composite doors offer enhanced weather resistance. Its key component material is glass reinforced plastic (GRP); this specially designed materials acts as a ‘skin’ which is what makes composite doors tough and waterproof. 

The front door to your home can take a battering from the elements, so a composite front door is a smart choice for Northern Ireland homes. 

Insulating foam built into the body of a composite door helps it to keep heat from escaping through the outer doors to your home during the winter months.

  • Our Composite Doors are fitted to a steel reinforced door frame. A range of door threshold options are available, including low/flush thresholds for unrestricted access and enhanced weather-resistance.

Peace of mind with its enhanced security features

A composite door is constructed from timber core combined with high density polyurethane foam and encased in a tough glass-reinforced plastic skin, giving it unrivalled levels of durability and strength.

Although lightweight GRP is stronger than mild steel, meaning it can withstand a lot of impact. Complex multi-point internal locking systems – fitted as standard in our composite doors – bring even more peace of mind, with high security cylinder locking systems also available for further security enhancement.

Maximise energy efficiency for a warmer, greener home

With its specialised insulating foam, combined with timber and glass reinforced plastic, we know one of the top benefits of composite doors are their ability to protect against the weather. This also helps it to prevent heat loss and bring sustainability – and lower energy bills – to a home.

With multi-chamber frames and double glazing or triple glazing, composite doors are the obvious choice for energy efficiency in NI properties. Triple glazed doors contain high-performance coated glass to reflects internal heat back into the home and maximise thermal efficiency.

Low maintenance

Due to their unique composition of materials, composite doors will retain their looks and performance for up to 30 years with basic cleaning. Unlike solid timber doors, there is no repeated painting, treating or staining required, nor will they split or warp over time as solid wood can. 

A simple clean with warm soapy water is all that’s needed to maintain the kerb appeal of your composite front door.

Can withstand the knocks and bumps of a busy family household

If you have a busy household, you need to find doors for your home that can withstand being opened and shut (and probably slammed if you have teenagers!) at all hours of the day and night, as well as bangs and knocks to the handles, panes and frames. 

The unique combination of polyurethane insulating foam, timber core and glass reinforced plastic outer skin, coupled with high quality hardware and steel reinforced door frames make composite doors the family friendly / child-resistant choice!

Peace and quiet when you close that front door

The durable combination of polyurethane foam, GRP and timber core also allows a composite front door to shut out environmental noise. One of the major lifestyle benefits of composite doors is that their insulating properties help block out unwanted sound, just as well as they keep in the heat.

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