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Can PVC Soffit and Fascia be painted?

PVC soffit and fascia boards are a durable, cost-effective option for your property. Many customers have asked us if PVC soffits and fascias can be painted. You may not think that uPVC soffits and fascias are suitable for painting given that they are basically a type of plastic material. 

However, there are now specialist uPVC suitable paints for painting PVC soffit and fascia boards, on both domestic and commercial properties. Bare wood is obviously the material we think of as being most suitable for a coat of paint. A little wood filler and a coat of paint can bring a bare wood soffit or fascia back to life. 

Specialised Paints

However, with development of specialised paints, painting soffits and fascias which are made of PVC is now perfectly possible.

Some paints will require preparation and priming of the PVC soffit and fascia. Others will see the first coat of paint acting as a layer of primer. 

A good paint that’s designed for painting PVC fascia boards and soffits can be applied with a paint brush. However, some get a better result using spray painting. Applying paint to PVC soffit and fascia boards can leave brush marks. In this case, spray painting may be a more effective approach to get an even finish on your fascia boards and soffits.

It’s recommended that a trained professional is called if you opt for spray painting as this is highly specialised equipment.

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