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Benefits of a Dry Verge System 

Dry Verge Systems

The roof verge is the part of the roofline where the tiles end and the gable begins. It’s one of the most vulnerable parts of the roof due to its exposure to strong winds and water penetration. Installing a dry verge system is the best way to protect your roofline and home. 

The dry verge system sits on top of the roof tile and is also installed down the side where it meets the fascia board.  This area of the roof tends to be more exposed to wind uplift and without protection can easily become damaged. A dry verge roofing system will secure your tiles as well as adding an aesthetically pleasing finish.

The Advantages of a Dry Verge System

An Aesthetic Finish

As well as providing a practical solution to your home, a dry verge system will add a clean and modern finish. In addition, their building structure is highly durable so they will look good for years to come. At Advanced Roofline our ridge systems come in a wide range of colours to come from. 

You can pick from our variety of styles which can blend into your home or enhance its appearance. 

Easy to Install

If you live in an older house or have a gable roof then you may have ‘wet verge’ roofing. This is when the outer ends of your verge units are fixed with mortar to prevent water or pests getting in. The problem with wet verge systems is that they’re not very durable.

In comparison to wet verge, dry verge offers easy installation. With units that can be fitted to either side of your roofing, so you’ll only require one verge system instead of two. At Advanced Roofline, we can take care of all your dry verge needs with everything from supply to quick and easy installation. 

Protection from Water Penetration

Dry verge roofing systems are there to protect your home whether it’s from rainwater, damp or pests that may try to get it. Dry ridge comes mechanically fixed which means that each individual unit is screwed in for effective results. 

It can also protect the particular area of roofing from wind uplift by completely securing both your tiles and slates. A dry verge system will stabilise the most vulnerable parts of your roofline so you don’t have to. 

Allows Natural Movement

As specialist roofing contractors, we know that homes have some natural degree of movement, which your roofline should allow for. Our uPVC material used in dry verges allows for this motion and will not become damaged during the process. 

They’re Cost Effective

As we mentioned above, our dry verge units are constructed from high quality uPVC plastic. This is a durable material which can dramatically increase your roof’s lifespan.  Once installed its low maintenance and won’t need any further maintenance. 

Specialist Roofing Contractors 

At Advanced Roofline we stock, supply and install only the highest quality roofing products, available across Northern Ireland and the UK. We can help with all your roofline related enquires and provide you with everything you need for your new dry verge system – designed to last a lifetime. 

As well as roofing contractors, we’re experienced product specialists who can provide unparalleled service and support.  Not to mention Advanced Roofline is the leading provider and installer of roofline and water drainage products across the country. 

Many of our products have achieved a BSI Kitemark Certificaton, ensuring our customers always receive products manufactured to the highest specification. This means we can also offer you Advanced Roofline’s exclusive product guarantees across all of our ranges. 

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