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Benefits of a Dry Verge System

Dry Verge System

A dry verge system is a modern roofing element consisting of interlocking caps that are placed on top of your roof tiles and run along the verge of your roofline. Typically, older properties have used wet verge roofing whereby mortar is applied to form a weather-tight seal along the edge of your roof. Wet verge systems, unlike a dry verge, are less durable and require regular maintenance due to their natural deterioration over time. A dry verge system, on the other hand, offers a multitude of benefits for your roofline which we’ll outline below.

Highly Durable:

Dry verge systems are constructed using high-quality, long-lasting materials and therefore are effective in ensuring your roofline is optimally protected. Due to the absence of mortar, a dry verge can withstand harsh elements such as wind and rain. This means costly damages associated with these weather conditions can be avoided.

Low Maintenance:

A dry verge system requires minimal maintenance (if any) compared to traditional mortar-based systems which require regular maintenance to mend or replace deteriorated mortar. This means a dry verge is a cost-effective method for protecting your roofline as repairs are highly unlikely.

Easy Installation:

A dry verge system is relatively quick and easy to install. This means your roofline project can be completed in no time, helping you save both time and money.


Another benefit of a dry verge system is that it can provide ventilation that is impossible with a traditional wet verge system. Due to their construction, air is able to naturally enter and leave, helping ventilate the roofing area. This natural flow of air means increased levels of condensation can be avoided, and therefore the likelihood of mould and rot and the damaging impacts this can have on your roofing structure can be reduced.


A dry verge system provides your roofline with the added benefit of flexibility. Your roof moves naturally, whether it’s due to strong winds or thermal expansion and contraction. Due to the interlocking caps used with a dry verge, your roof is able to flex and thus the damage i.e. cracks in mortar often caused by the restrictive movement of traditional wet verge systems can be prevented. The flexibility of a dry verge system means a small level movement in your roofline is possible without severe damage being caused.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Another advantage of a dry verge system is the array of colours and styles that it offers. A dry verge can be easily customised to suit the style/design of your home and can be easily manipulated to fit around corners and other awkward shapes, all while complementing your home’s aesthetic appearance. With the high durability listed as an advantage, this also means that your roofline will maintain a clean, slick, and high-quality finish for longer.

A dry verge system offers a range of benefits and is a fantastic investment for any homeowner who wants a protected, highly durable, and long-lasting roofline. Suitable for any type of roof, you can contact us for more information on dry verge systems and the various benefits they can provide using our contact details listed below.

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