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Advanced Roofline: When should you replace your windows and doors?

Windows and doors are one of the first things you will notice about any home and they’re an effective way to improve the overall appearance of your property. A brightly coloured front door can be used to make a bold statement or sleek black window frames used to enhance a classically styled exterior.

As well as providing aesthetic appeal, sturdy and reliable doors/windows offer security. They help to soundproof your home, regulate its temperature and even lower your energy bill. This is why old windows and doors can cause significant problems for your home.

So, when should you replace your windows and doors?

If Moisturise is getting in

One big giveaway to replace your windows and door, is if moisturise is getting into your home. If you often find water in your hallway or around the seal on your windows, this means it’s time to replace. If ignored this moisturise could lead to a build up of mould, growing between the panels of your glass or inside of your door frame.

Prolonged water damage to your windows and doors can even compromise the security of your home. So if you see leaking or an excess of moisturise, then it’s time for some home improvements. Advanced Roofline has one of the largest ranges of windows NI and doors NI – with something to suit every home.

Loss of functionality

Do you often struggle to open and close your doors without ease?  Opening and closing your windows and doors should be a smooth process and they should never stick. If your finding these difficult to open and close then it’s more than likely time for an upgrade, and should not be ignored.

Not to mention, forcing open windows and doors can cause damage to your home and your frames.  We specialise in providing long-term solutions for your home and can offer you products with our exclusive range, designed for enhanced security, weather performance, energy efficiency and overall aesthetics.

Your Energy Bill are Creeping up

Have you noticed heat loss within your home or your energy bills getting more expensive? If so, it could be down to older windows and doors. Short-terms solutions like weather stripping your doors or using draft excluders may help temporarily but replacing your windows and doors can be more cost-effective in the long term.

If you want to keep your home warm in the colder months and your energy bills down, make sure to check out our double glazed windows and doors at Advanced Roofline. All of our products are high quality and efficient, and to prove it we offer a unique manufacturer’s guarantee.

You’ve Experienced a Break-In

One of the most horrible things that can happen to your home is someone breaking in. Not only can break-ins cause damage within points and entry but it can also compromise the security of your window frames and doors. If you’ve experienced a break-in we would highly recommend replacing your windows and doors.

All of our windows and doors are high security and feature multi-locking systems to provide you with peace of mind, whilst in your home.

They’re an Eyesore

Old windows and doors can really affect the overall appearance of your home.  If you’re looking to improve your home’s aesthetic then replacing your windows and doors can make a huge difference.

If your home looks or feels outdated then why not opt for a home improvement with Advanced Roofline. We’re the experts in windows and doors NI and can offer you a vast range of styles and decorative finished, at excellent value.

Contact Advanced Roofline now for a free quote or to hear more about our window and door replacements.

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