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Advanced Roofline NI – Dry Verge Systems

What are Dry Verge Systems?

Dry verge systems are used when roof tiles finish on an open edge. It covers the tiles on the gable of the house and can be especially useful where cement has became cracked or loosened. The verge system laps over the roof tile and is secured simply onto your fascia board.

The verge of the roof is probably its most vulnerable part due to exposure to wind and water penetration. The purpose of dry verge is to protect exposed roof tiles and to help secure this line. With the benefit being that as well as protection, it provides an attractive low maintenance finish to your roofing.

Dry Verge VS. Wet Verge

If you live in an older house or have a gable roof then you may have ‘wet verge’ roofing. This is when the outer ends of your verge units are fixed with mortar to prevent water or pests getting in. The problem with wet verge systems is that they’re not very durable.

Mortar can’t tolerate the wear and tear that comes from extreme weather conditions or the natural movement within properties. And even after short periods of time, mortar can become cracked and begin to deteriorate.

Advantages of Dry Verge

Easy Installation

In comparison to wet verge, dry verge offers easy installation. With many units that can be fitted to either side of your roofing, so you’ll only require one verge system instead of two.

At Advanced Roofline, we can take care of all your dry verge needs with everything from supply to quick and easy installation.

Cost Effective

High quality dry verge units are made from durable plastic or often uPVC which can dramatically increase your roof’s lifespan.  It’s also very low maintenance so once you have it installed there’ll be no further cost or hassle.  Unlike wet verge, your new system will not deteriorate or crack overtime.

Stops leakages and Wind Uplift

The main purpose of verge installation is to stop rainwater, damps and pests from getting in your home. Dry verge can do this effectively as it comes mechanically fixed and with each individual unit screwed in, for optimum results.

Moreover, dry verge protects your roof from wind uplift meaning that your tiles and slates are completely secure. It will help to stabilise the most vulnerable parts of your roofline so you don’t have to.

Allows for Natural Movement

Our homes will always have some natural degree of movement and your roofing needs to accommodate this. The uPVC material used in dry verges allows for this movement and will not become damaged during the process.

A Clean Finish

Dry verges provide a clean, modern finish to your home and their durability means that they will look good for years to come.  You should also have a wide range of uPVC verge colours to choose from. Meaning you can pick a colour that blends into your home or one that will enhance its appearance.

Choose Our Dry Verge Systems

At Advanced Roofline we stock, supply and install only the highest quality roofing products, available across the whole of the UK. Providing you with everything you need for your new dry verge system, which is designed to last a lifetime.

Many of our products have even achieved a BSI Kitemark Certificaton, ensuring our customers always receive products manufactured to the highest specification. This means we can also offer you Advanced Roofline’s exclusive product guarantees across all of our ranges.

Dry Verge Systems - Advanced Roofline

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