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Advanced Roofline – 5 Benefits of a Seamless Gutter for Your Home

Seamless Guttering Northern Ireland

If your home has trouble with leaks or water damage then it’s usually a sign you should replace your old gutters. Mould and paint peeling can also be tell-tales signs, but what are your options when it comes to new guttering?

It used to be that gutters came in sectional pieces that were cut to fit around the size and design of a building. However, seamless gutters are now fast becoming the preferred option for home owners – and for a good reason.

Seamless guttering is best known for its strength and durability. Unlike conventional guttering, it’s lengths of gutter are produced without any joints, seams or fasteners, which minimizes leakages and eliminates the need for repairs. And if that wasn’t enough, this guttering solution is well known to add to the beauty and lasting appeal of your home.

Here are the top five benefits of seamless guttering:

1.Low Maintenance

Apart from the odd cleaning out of leaves and dirt, seamless gutters tend to be very low maintenance. Unlike traditional sectional gutters, they come with continuous lengths so are much less likely to be blocked or damaged from leaves and general debris.

Due to its baked enamel, seamless aluminium gutters won’t flake or decay so you won’t ever need to worry about repainting.  At Advanced Roofline our seamless gutters are also coated with an aluminium hydro power coat which is scratch resistant and completely maintenance free.

  2. Adds to your Home’s Aesthetic

The appearance of seamless gutters is much more appealing than sectional. With the removal of obvious fasteners and gaps, your roofline will have more of a clean and finished appearance.

In a range of style options seamless guttering is also the perfect choice for a variety of properties. Whether your home is of a classic or modern style, this guttering solution will greatly add to its aesthetic.

 3. Easy Installation

The most time consuming part of installing new gutters is measuring, cutting them to size and fitting them all together. Seamless gutters however are made bespoke to fit the exact dimensions of your home, achieving a ‘perfect fit’ each and every time. 

When gutters fit well, they function well. So here at Advanced Roofline we offer supply and fitting with a process that is quick and easy.  Our entire gutter system range comes attached with concealed support brackets, and a lightweight material makes them easy to move when installing.

4. A Range of Colour Options

Seamless aluminium gutters offer a neutral and aesthetically pleasing appearance, making them the perfect rainwater system for a range of homes. And with modern seamless gutters you can choose from a wider selection of manufactured colours.

Advanced Roofline NI offer an extensive range of colours in the options; marble white, royal brown, rich ivory anthracite black, charcoal grey and forest green. Unlike traditional guttering, seamless aluminium is not prone to colour bleaching meaning it will look ‘like new’ for years to come…

5. Durability

One of the many benefits of seamless aluminium guttering is its durability. Aluminium does not rust and is corrosion free, meaning it is far less likely to leak.

Seamless gutters have an expected lifecycle of around 30-35 years.  So although they may seem more expensive to begin with – it’s both a cost-effective and lifelong investment for your home.

Seamluess Guttering - Advanced Roofline NI

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