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8 Benefits Of Tilt And Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows have been around for decades and are increasingly becoming more a popular solution for new homes or those having their older windows replaced.

These windows are essentially three different styles in one: the fixed window, the swing-in window and the turned out window.

They serve a number of different functions, and as a result, they have a number of both overt and subtle benefits.

So if you’re considering which new windows to choose for your property, let us help. Below, we’ve pulled together a list of eight key benefits of choosing tilt and turn windows.

1. You have a range of ventilation options

One of the greatest and most obvious benefits of the tilt and turn windows is that it offers a varied range of ventilation possibilities.

If you just want to let in a small breeze, keep out the wildlife and manage the temperature of a room, then the tilt function makes this possible. It allows hot air to escape out the top of the window without letting in huge breezes of air.

Similarly, if you decide you want to get a lot of ventilation and airflow into the room, you can  use the turn function to create a much larger opening. So ultimately, you have more control over your environment.

2. They are easier to clean

For most of us, window cleaning isn’t the most fun job to do around the house, so you want it to be as easy as possible to complete. However, the turn function on your tilt and turn windows can make it much easier to clean both the interior and exterior without having to find a ladder or put in a lot of extra effort.

So not only does this make cleaning your windows quicker and easier, but it also makes it much safer as well.

3. They have better air seals than other styles

Other types of windows, such as sliding or hung windows, can be more prone to air and water leakage because their seals may not be as high quality. Tilt and turn windows tend to yield a much better air seal than many other styles, therefore making them more airtight and waterproof.

This can be very important, particularly during the colder months, for keeping your property warm and dry. It also makes your rooms more energy-efficient, reducing the amount of heat that escapes or drafts that sneak in.

4. They offer better security

Because the actual tilt and turn functionality requires a more robust internal hardware with multiple locking points, this can make these windows a lot more secure than other styles.

Not only this, but when using the tilt function, the swing in hinges allow you to have the window open without an intruder being able to force their way in or pull it open from the outside.

This can also be ideal for families with young children who may be concerned about having large open windows.

5. You can opt for larger windows

Many companies that offer tilt and turn windows will offer a range of sizes, and often you can get these made much bigger than standard windows or other styles. As such, these can be perfect if you want to have a lot of natural light in a room or if you have a big space to fill.

What’s more, these larger windows can offer better, unobstructed views, which is great if you have an amazing view outside that you want to make the most of.

6. They can be great space savers

If you’ve got a smaller property or perhaps just some smaller rooms, the flexibility of tilt and turn windows can be very freeing. For example, if you’ve chosen to have these installed in your bathroom, you can leave the window tilted for constant ventilation without worrying about having a huge window swinging back into the room.

And this doesn’t just apply to bathrooms. It can be helpful in any small room or space you have in your home.

7. The windows also act as a fire escape

Of course, we hope that you never have to use the window for this function, but the ability to turn the window and open it wide also makes this an important safety feature and means of escape should a fire ever break out in your property.

8. They look great

Last but not least, because these are becoming more popular, many providers have begun offering a range of styles and finishes on their tilt and turn windows. This means you’re guaranteed to find the right finish for your home.

You can also choose to add bars for a more traditional look, change the material or finish, have different opening configurations to suit your needs and even have these spray painted if you need a more specific colour/look.

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